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Satta Matka: is the most popular SATTA MATKA official Website that gives the quick Satta Matka Result. We provide you fastest result of all satta bazar. Golden matka, madhur bazar.

Online matka game: 

matkaoffice - Satta Matka go on before the period of freedom. During the 1960s, it replace with different methods for make irregular satta numbers. To win in satta bazar you need the lucky Matka number. A outstanding satta design in the round of sattamatka requires that you choose a correct number for command the match and turning into the satta result.

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1. What is Satta Matka?

Satta Matka is the international gambling market. People will choose a random number from 0–9, and then a single chit will be drawn and declared as a winner. Later, as time passed, three numbers were estimated instead of one. Over time, Satta Matka turned on a larger spectrum, and is preferred to any other lottery game today!

2. How many markets are there in Satta Matka?

Over time, as the competition became more serious, Satta Matka spread to many types of markets, these are going, Milan Day, Milan Night, Kalyan Matka, Main Ratan, Rajdhani Night, Rajdhani Day, Madhur Day, Madhur Night, Shridevi Day & Night, Kalyan Night, Time Bazar, Golden Matka, etc. All these markets have a specific opening and closing time. And it is in relation to this time that people have to place their bets.

3. What are the Variations in Satta Matka?

Basically, Satta matka has 5 different variations, these are, Single, Jodi, panna, sangam and half sangam. These are all different parts of the same result. One can choose any of these variations to bet in. All these variations have a specific rate, and people choose their bet according to this.

4. Satta Matka in Today’s Era:

Today technology is growing so fast, Satta Matka has managed to enter the web world. With Satta Matka now available on all spreads, the game is available to people on the Internet and they can enjoy playing it from anywhere.

5. What different features does Online Satta Matka offer?

Online Satta Matka offers many different features. These days, online satta matka provides you all facilities under one roof. These features, tips and tricks, forums, astrological help, and along with that you get to see online matka results live and quick online results, saving your past time!

Satta Matka FAQs: 

1. What is satta matka?

Matka is a form of gambling or betting and lottery that basically involves betting on opening and closing rates.

2. How to play satta matka?

Satta matka First 3 digit like 1*2*3 is called panna number. 1*2*3 total number of 6 is open digit then the same is close digit. And both are mix together to form sangam. This is the format of matka game.

3. What is a satta calculation?

Satta Matka is a number game based on how excellent you are at guessing the winning number. In this number system, you can guess different types such as open, close, pair, panel, confluence, jackpot, etc.

4. What is matka guessing?

Satta matka guessing is that where top matka players gue a Matka.

5. How does Satta market work?

Satta-Matka is a type of lottery that basically involves betting on the opening and closing rates. The Indian game of luck Satta Matka is based on random number selection and bidding. You need a lucky number to win though.

Matka Office is the most authentic satta matka website in India. We encourage sattamatka fanatics to play a wide variety of matka games that include Satta 143, Matka 143, Kalyan Bazar, Kapil Matka, Madhur matka and many more. Further Matka Office publishes fastest matka result in the betting industry of the country for the sake of millions of passionate sattamatka players.

We are recognized as the matka boss. Boost your knowledge in satta matka with our tips and tricks shared by eminent matka experts. We create confidence within you. Our solo intention is to help you thrive in the satta matka game and be the satta king.

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There are many individuals who have accomplished their put based on hard work, yet many individuals have achieved success by playing mind games. In the current time, an individual can easily make money and accomplish success by doing more mental work than physical hard work. So make big profits by putting mental hard work into games like Satta Matka.This business is flourishing very fast.

Yes, with this game you can also get the chance to become rich by becoming the Satta King. In the Matka Guessing game, the champ can't be speculated previously. Despite the fact that Matka's speculating game in simple words is called the game of money. Some people who want to get rich quickly are playing this game.

What is Satta Matka?

Satta Matka is a mind-guessing card game. In this game you have to guess a number in the card and if the number matches then you are the winner. Whoever wins the game loses if not found.

One more thing you cannot play for free, Satta Matka is a type of betting game. In which money is played and there is an organizer in it and there are many players who spend money on one fixed card number, which is generally known by the name of fix number Matka. In this, the player has a choice.

That today one can always select the game mode according to such as Fix Number Matka, Single Number or any other for this there are many websites and groups online which organize such games in which Boss Matka, Matka King, TIME BAZAR, MILAN NIGHT, and Kalyan Matka are the most popular.

The game that helps you to become rich overnight

Satta Matka helps you to income money. Individuals play Satta Matka for a huge scope; crores of rupees are put day by day in this game from everywhere India. Individuals are drawn in towards Satta Matka in light of the fact that there is a solid advantage in it and in the event that there is a solid advantage in the thing, there is a great deal of plausibility of misfortune in it. So it is necessary to connect with Matka specialists. With them, you can get the most exact Satta Matka records with confirmed diagrams to play this game expertly.

When did Satta Matka start?

A game that started during independence to make everyone financially independent Satta Matka is called a game of numbers. If you have huge knowledge in intelligence and data research, then this game is for you. In India, the Satta Matka game grows at a huge speed. Currently millions of people apply their luck in this game. The only aim is that to earn a huge profit by playing this game.

Satta Matka originated in India in the 1950s. In the beginning, it was not called Satta Matka(Satki Matki) but ' Ankara Jugar ' which means pair of numbers. But this pair of numbers was made using Matka, due to which people started knowing it as Satta Matka. Satta Matka game is a game started on the basis of the New York Cotton Exchange.

In the New York Cotton Exchange, initially, on the rate of cotton open and close the speculators constantly speculate. In this game, people invest money on the estimated value of cotton. Via teleprinter, the price of cotton was sent from New York Cotton Exchange to Mumbai Cotton Exchange. During that time Satta Matka was born to save this pot game as it was in the time of its ending situation.

Initially, this game was played offline in which a slip was put inside the pot. Currently, with the increase in the use of the internet this game is also coming online and people play it from anywhere. But the name of the game is still called as Satta as it was called before.

Who is the Satta Matka King?

The initiator of this game is Ratan Khatri. He left his impression over people as the Matka King. By playing this game Ratan Khatri became the uncrowned king in the field of Satta. His daily income was more than Rs 1 crore. Ratan Khatri died in 2020.

During India and Pakistan partition Ratan Ji came to Mumbai from Karachi. During that period Mumbai was known as Bombay and under the control of many underworlds. But the speculative game grows very fast among people. This game was started with a pot in which many slips are collected. That was a time when you neither find the internet nor find a mobile phone.

During those days telephone was the only source of transferring information. As soon as the result of Satta Matka came, it used to spread all over the country in no time. From this, you can guess the popularity of the Satta game in India.

At that time telephonic was beginning in India. And after 9 pm you cannot able to connect with anyone. When the popularity of the game grows many experts then work as bookies in all lines. They guide people to guess the lucky number and help them to win. However, we can say behind Ratan Khatri's success there was a huge influence or hand of Kalyanji Bhagat. Kalyan Ji Bhagat went from Kutch to Mumbai and used to run a ration shop there. He used to listen to the words of the New York Cotton Exchange from the mouths of the customers who came to his shop, and then he felt that there was a strong scope in the betting business. When Ratan Khatri and Kalyan Ji Bhagat came into the partnership the Satta Matka started.

SattaMatka Betting Time

After understanding the numbers, you have to understand the open and close time of the pot under which you are betting. That is, when the power starts and when it is closed, its result is told. There are many online websites and applications in India that provide potted pots.

SattaMatka win and lose

After understanding the number and the open and close time, when the player is ready to play the game, then the player first places a bet at the time of Matka Open. After this, after the declaration of the time marks of Matka Close, you get to know who won and who lost.

In what ways can SattaMatka be played?

SattaMatka can be played through 2 mediums which are as follows | 1. Through offline | 2. Through online |

Through Offline

Most of the SattaMatka has now turned online to avoid digitization and legal bets, but many Matkas still run offline in which they make people bet. Let us tell you that Satta was started in Mumbai that is why Mumbai is the center of both offline and online Satta market. Numbers from 1 to 99 are selected in Offline SattaMatka. After that, you have to pay the amount. Your agent will issue a ticket to your selected number. If your number fails, you will be considered the winner.

Through online medium

Due to the increasing digitization, everything is ordered online and even the speculative market has not remained untouched by it. There are many agents associated with Matka who feed Matka online by creating their own website and application. In Online Matka, you have to pay by visiting the agent's website and selecting your number.

Why do people play Matka online?

Why do people play Matka online? It is very easy to play the kalyanmatka game online. You will find our app on the satta news website, where you can play kalyanmatka by putting money online and earning money.

What really do individuals do these days to get rich rapidly?

The method is very simple. You just need to enrol over the official websites of the Matka game and get the client id. However, consistently make sure to talk with the SattaMatka game specialists.

In this game, you can face many rival competitions. In this high competition period in case you have to win a major amount of cash, by then, you should contact the experts of the SattaMatka game since they can oversee you in an unrivalled way.With the experts of the SattaMatka game, you can likewise discover the Sattamatka Result records without any problem. The authorities furthermore have 100% mistake-free and fastest Matka result. With SattaMatka sites you can likewise check the latest Sattamatka results when they are declared. As we recently said the resistance is exorbitantly high so the triumphant possibilities are excessively low. So before wagering on any number follow the tips given by the specialists!

What are the advantages of hiring specialists for SattaMatka games?

They have the pro pros with broad stretches of experience who deal with each and every conceivable procedure to support you. | They are generally in the know regarding the most recent patterns. They likewise bring up the specific deceives that can help them in the investigation. | They will share amazing tricks in the wake of dissecting numerous past records to make you win: With their experience and examination, their specialists go with the best tips that help you to get the match in your grasp. | All their records are totally examined by the specialists. | With the advancement of development, they similarly have uncommonly pushed programming to check all the records.

To play SattaMatka, it is important to see a few things

In this, the cards are identified by number not by their name and only 10 cards out of 13 are used, here with numbers, you have been given the meaning of the cards. | Ekka – 1 | deuce - 2 | Tikki – 3 | Four - 4 | Paw – 5 | six - 6 | Power – 7 | Atta – 8 | Nahla – 9 | tenth - 0

Betting time

The second most important factor in the SattaMatka game is to play the game, what is the betting time of the club? Which club do you want to bet in? It has an opening and closing time and at this time only you can be betting otherwise the game of that day will be closed and when you play it through an online app or website you will get time written below it.

Play SattaMatka

Now a player after understanding all this becomes ready and when a club is open, he places betting on any number and then betting on the number at the time of closing time. The numbers are opened after the betting is closed and only then it is known who won and who lost.

Like 680-40-190 are such numbers and they have three parts, let us understand them. | 680 - Means number of cards is six, atta and Dahal | 190 - Means number of cards is Ekka, Nahala and Dahal | 40 - This is a set that is made from the combination of both numbers. For example, 6+8+0 = 14, then the second digit 4 is taken from it, and then 1+9+0 = 10, the second digit 0 is taken from it.

What is Matka Club?

Under the SattaMatka, the agent or operator runs that Matka under some name, it is called Matka club. There is day night, open and close under Matka Club. In open and close, they run by their time, Day and Night Day implies the Matka which obtains its outcomes in the day while Night implies the Matka which is open and shut in the evening. Basically, Matka Club is what you put cash in. Some examples of pots are as follows. Like KalyanMatka , Milan De Matka , SrideviMatka , WorliMatka and so on.

Name of SattaMatka Club

When you go to see the SattaMatka result, the names of the clubs are written there and the person who invests the money only sees the club on which the money has been invested. In such a situation, if you want to know which is the club where SattaMatka is played. So here are a few names which are very well known on the web and individuals play more with them on the web.

SattaMatkaKalyan – This is the most well-known club, more data will be found on the web regarding this, individuals like to play KalyanMatka the most. Because of this, many people have joined this club.

Bombay Matka Com - Maybe you do not know that the Matka game is played the most in Mumbai and it became popular all over India because of this, which is from Bombay. Or those who like to play with an old club; this club is the best for them.


As we told you, this is an online SattaMatka wagering game in which individuals burn through cash and they get twice or multiple times that cash. Most people are attracted to this game because the return is very high here. For example, if it is written on 1 of 4, then it means if the player puts 100 rupees, then he will get 400 rupees.

That's why people are eager to play this game. But in this affair, many people have ruined their lives but they have not been able to earn anything because you would call it a gamble which you play.

How to calculate the Satta number?
Method 1:

To get the SattaMatka score, individuals continue to look in numerous ways on the web.But there is no concrete way to find out SattaMatka guess, or SattaMatka number, people can work out the SattaMatka number just by analysing the data. | Assume you need to get the score of Monday then you need to chip away at the last number of consequences of Monday and the main number of Monday. | Now you have to add the numbers 4, 3,2,1,0 to it. Then you get its cut marks. In this way, your estimated SattaMatka score will come out. | Now you match the first number of Monday and the last digits of Tuesday and Wednesday. | Presently you need to coordinate these numbers again with them 4, 3,2,1,0. This way, you will be able to get a SattaMatka score.

Method 2:

To discover the specific number of SattaMatka or need to be familiar with day by day open to close fix, then, at that point, continue to peruse this article further. We will let you know how to eliminate every day open to close fix ank, Kalyan day by day open to close fix through the model.

Model: If today you need to get the sixth number of 4/12/15 of Friday, then, at that point, the open number of 3 days prior is 1, 2, and 4.

Inverse quantities of these 3 digits 6, 7,9 as such become 6 digits 1,6,2,7,4,9 in this manner on Friday the Open 4 outcome came.

Variety of Mataka games

There are many matkas running in India yet a couple of matkas have popularity. The 10 greatest matkas of India are Milan Matka, KalyanMatka, Rajdhani Day and Night Matka, New Delhi Matka, Main Ratan, RajshreeMatka, SrideviMatka, MadhuriMatka, Time Bazar Matka, Main Bazar Day Matka and so on Which we will comprehend exhaustively individually | KalyanMatka | Worli Mumbai Travel | Milan Matka | Rajdhani Day and Night matka | New Delhi Mother | Main RatanMatka | RajshreeMatka | Sridevi Mother | MadhuriMatka | Time Bazar Mother

KalyanGame tips:

First of all you have to pay attention to how much money you have to play. You play according to your ability. Don't spend money every day. | Don't play 6-7 open to close | Don't switch Gasser | Play the game deliberately and comprehend the market completely.

When the numbers are opened?

The player has to place a bet and there are 5 types of betting that you can play. | Play Ank (Single Digit) | Play Jodi (Double-digit) | Play Pana SP (Triple-digit) | Play Pana DP (Triple digit) | Play Pana TP (Triple digit)

After applying this, if the player's number matches, then the money is given according to the pre-determined amount, such as the lowest 9 times for the pair and the highest amount from 90 to 100 times for any triple-digit game.

Friends, as we told you about this SattaMatka game, it is an illegal game. This can get you used to it and you can come to the floor. Therefore, the more you stay away from this type of game, the better it is because it can ruin you too.

SattaMatka Game Result

SattaMatka's game spreads a side effect in society. Although this is a way to get rich quickly, in this the loss is also very fast. In India, if anyone is found to be involved in any kind of betting except horse riding, then he may have to suffer legally. That's why this game is not played openly in India. It is run secretly.

SattaMatka is a game. Satta is considered a game of luck but in SattaMatka with luck as well as mathematically, if you can think and understand, then SattaMatka's game can make you rich very quickly. If you are investing money blindly then you have to try to be careful because this game is more about brain and experience than luck. If you are new, then invest money by understanding the market, otherwise, you may have to face the consequences.

If you study statistics in the SattaMatka market in-depth and do data analysis of the last 1 month then you can get an accurate estimate of the numbers to come. Along these lines, nobody can prevent you from turning into a Satta ruler. Many times it happens that despite having a good understanding of mathematical data, they are not able to do well in the SattaMatka time market, the reason being that you also have to be lucky in Satta. If luck does not favor you then you will lose your money.

Only the combination of your luck and mathematical intelligence can make you a winner in the SattaMatka market. If either of the two happens against you, then understand that you are going to get a deep shock.

Satta chart Result

Let us tell you that SattaMatka is the oldest game in Matka India. The result is declared daily. Let us tell you that here we will update you on the result daily. We here we are giving you KalyanMatka Open to Close Result. Kalyan Result comes at 4:50 pm.

While the second time the outcome is announced at 6:50, the Kalyan result. KalyanSatta Bazar stays shut on Sundays. Allow us to let you know that we update this page a couple of seconds after the arrival of the outcome. So by 4:55 and 7:00 you will get the result.

Kalyan result today

KalyanMatka is the greatest Matka and the majority of individuals put cash in this Matka. Individuals accept on this Matka that this Matka will twofold our cash rapidly and individuals additionally get day by day game holes of KalyanMatka. Individuals put away cash based on the released game and procure long benefits. People invest money on the basis of the leaked game and earn long profits. People are benefitted in the case of game leaks, but many times people fall into the trap of such people who tell about the Kalyan leak result. One should avoid such individuals.

Let us tell you that every day Kalyan Result has been declared at 4:50 pm.

Top 10 famous Matkas of India

There are many Matka games are now available in India, here we talk about the top 10 Matka games;


KalyanMatka is one of the most famous game in India. It was started by KalyanjiBhagat. Lakhs of people are waiting for KalyanMatka's results on the internet.

Worli Mumbai Travel

It is one of the biggest Matka operated in Worli. A huge number of individuals take a stab in this Matka consistently, let us let you know that RatanKhatri and KalyanBhagat together began Worli Mumbai Matka, which is as yet popular the nation over.

Milan Matka

Milan Matka is additionally a kind of SattaMatka which is extremely popular in India. There are numerous Matkas under this pot like Milan Morning, Milan day, Milan night, Main Milan day, and so on

Rajdhani Day and Night Matka

RajdhaniMatka is also one of the most reliable and most played Matkas. In which people also invest money in the number of crores. It is operated day and night. On Rajdhani day, you are told the timing of the opening and closing of the result of the day.

New Delhi Mother

New Delhi Matka is operated from New Delhi. It become famous with in few years.

Main RatanMatka

This matka began by RatanKhatri is the fundamental matka of Ratan. It holds its spot in the best mats and has an enormous number of individuals playing it.


RajashreeMatka is also so famous in Matka game bazaar in Mumbai, India.

Sridevi Mother

This Matka named after Bollywood entertainer Sridevi, working from Mumbai, is one of the well knownMatkas. Milan Matka is moreover a sort of SattaMatka that is incredibly well known in India.


MadhuriMatka opens at 11:45 and closes at 12:45.

Time Bazaar Matka

List time bazaar Matka is also a great Matka in the Satta market. Opens at 2:30 PM and shuts down at 4:30 PM.

How to cover the loss in SattaMatka?

Speculation is a bet wherein there is each chance of monetary misfortune. Regardless of how great a player is, in the event that his karma isn't great then he can take terrible misfortunes in this game. If you want to cover the losses in the game and earn maximum profits in this game, these things should be taken care of.

Find the best site that gives you accurate results

At present, there are many types of websites available that provide SattaMatka results, and probable marks. In which numerous sites give extremely quality outcomes. Understanding their numbers, better experience of guessing numbers on a mathematical basis can make you a winner. You should be watching out for a site that will give you the greatest outcomes.

Play Strategy

As you probably are aware betting is hazardous, the individual playing it might need to face the challenge in light of the fact that no human on the planet can perceive you the specific supposition, he simply concentrates on the numbers and gives you the rough number.The player playing SattaMatka ought to be continually refreshed with the outcomes connected with Matka and the progressions occurring in them. You play under a superior system with the goal that your possibilities of misfortune are exceptionally less.

Use Matka Chart

Study the charts used in this game. The chart gives new players all kinds of relevant information on how to play the game as well as the providers' continual updates. To get the Matka chart, you have to add the pair of the previous day, suppose the pair of the previous day is 88, then the total number of the pair is 16, its final number is 6. So take the last digit. Possible consequences could be this. | if final digit =>0<= then=>2-3-5-9 (open or close) | if final number is => 1 <= then=> 4-5-7-9 (open or close) | if final number is => 2 <= then 0-2-6-8 (open or close) | if final number is=> 3 <= then 0-1-8-9 (open or close) | if final number is=> 4 <= then 1-3-6-7 (open or close) | if final number is=> 5 <= then 2-4-6-7 (open or close)

So now get in the Satta game and apply your luck! Hope you have liked the information and you understand what Satta Matka game is and how people play SattaMatka. If you have any questions or suggestions or you have been associated with any club and want to share your experience. So you can give us information about this by writing in the comment

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